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Mr. Justin Och
Mr. Och is Splendid Health’s and N.D. Dr. Nelson Rios highest certified iridologist & herbologist. before retiring Dr. Nelson who trained under Bernard Jenson (creator of iridology analysis) Dr. Nelson passed his 30 years of naturopathic & nutritional knowledge & herbal supplementation information on the health and healing effects of specifically combined herbs, minerals & vitamins and there reaction on the natural healing process of the body.
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Splendid health products are created to work alongside modern medicine. Made in a GMP, QAI and NSF certified highest quality manufacturing facilities. Splendid Health products are made to pharmacutical standards, to get your family results. keeping prices low and results high means success because without results you have nothing. We constantly strive to work with and alongside your primary doctors reccomendations. we will never contradict your doctor, we are here to provide natrual health alternatives that can work with and along side your doctors reccommendations. product reccommendations on this site were created so that they can be taken with your perscription medication to assist you and your doctor with your optimal well-being. we strive to assist you the individual with all of your herbal natural health, alternative medicine and nutritional counciling needs to keep your health at its optimum and assist the body in its natural healing processes.

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Energy - we want it quick & constant
lno magic pill to intense energy? Well there is a liquid, check out 1 ounce...

There is a lot to read about our products so you will always notice a quick reference at the top of key points and information about what were talking about. But Splendid Health, Dr. Nelson Rios and Herbal Specialist and Iridologist Justin Och want you fully informed. That is why Justin Och has taken the time to scratch the surface of his opinion and information on the real results Splendid Health and these supplements could provide to you and your loved ones.

Super Chi Life Minerals from Splendid Health is a Advanced Herbal Support Supplement. Super Chi Life Minerals is a Naturopath Approved Therapeutic Colloidal Liquid Mineral. Super Chi Life Minerals contains one of the most potent formula of vitamins, minerals, and herbs on the market. With 139 nutrients, including 26 vitamins and minerals, 72 trace minerals, 16 amino acids, 25 antioxidants, and 20 herbs. Without minerals, vitamins found in foods cannot be properly assimilated by the body. Super Life Minerals can help increase energy, vitality, stamina, and regeneration of body cells.

Did You Know That...

-Everyone who dies of natural causes, really dies of a nutritional deficiency disease.- Dr. Joel Wallach

-52% of licensed medical physicians in America take psychotropic drugs every week.- Harvard Medical School

-The United States is #1 in the world in degenerative disease and the 20th in life expectancy. - World Health Organization

-Heart disease, cancer, stroke are the top 3 killers in our country. The fourth major killer in the United States is prescription drugs.- USA Today

-100,000 youngsters, as well as professional athletes die each year from cardio-vascular disorders as a result of sports - This is twice the number of people that die on the nation-s highways! - Center for Disease Control

-70% of the medical doctors writing prescriptions for Medicare patients flunked the exam on how to do it safely and properly.- USA Today

Fountain of Youth-

"We are genetically programmed to 120 to 140 years. Americans have failed to fulfill this genetic potential - our average is 75.5 which ranked 17th in longevity in 1990 and 20th in longevity in 1995!

-Five third world cultures do fulfill the human genetic potential for longevity: 1) certain tribes of Tibetans in western China; 2) the Hunzas in eastern Pakistan near Mount Rakaposhi; 3) the Russian Georgians of the Caucasus Mountains in western Russia; 4) the Vilcabamba Indians in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador; 5) and the Titicaca Indians in the Andes Mountains of southwestern Peru.-

-They all live to be 120 to 140. These different cultures are living healthfully without disease or doctors and a common denominator connects them.- Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND

How did they find a fountain of youth-

-They all live in mountain valleys 8,500 to 14,000 feet in elevation and they all get their water from glacial milk (the water that comes from underneath glaciers as they grind up the parent rock of the mountain). This highly mineralized water is white and opaque - it looks like milk.-

-So they drink it. They absorb three to five percent of those metallic minerals. More importantly, for 2,500 to 5,000 years, they've irrigated their crops with it. Crop after crop, year after year, generation after generation. So their crops have converted the metallic minerals in the glacial milk into organically bound plant colloidal minerals, the most absorbable form of minerals. Plants are the only living organism that are able to make this conversion.- - Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND

When you compare plant derived colloidal minerals to clay, coral, rock, and shell-based minerals is like comparing a steak to a hamburguer. Colloids are liquid, they are 7,000 times smaller than a red blood cell (their small size makes it necessary to use an electron microscope to see them). They are all negatively charged, a unique feature of colloidal minerals. Their tiny size and negative charge give special properties of absorption into your body, as opposed to rock, coral and shell-based minerals.

FAQ's & Product Information

Naturopathic Therapuetic Colloidal Liquid Minerals

Potent Therapuetic Quality Herbs

26 Vitamins & Minerals

72 Trace Minerals

16 Amino Acids

25 Antioxidants

20 Herbs



Vitamin D3







72 trace minerals

Hyalurenic Acid

Iron & Herbs

absorbable iron

Aqueous extract from carrot

pro-vitamin A (carotene)

Vitamins; B-1, B-3, B-6, C, D, E, K










Nettle Wort high in:




crude fiber

dietary fiber












vitamin A

vitamin C


Every living being needs minerals for proper function and structure. Without minerals, vitamins found in the food cannot properly be utilized and assimilated by the body.

Can you survive without minerals- Minerals are needed for the proper composition of body fluids, the formation of blood and bone, the maintenance of healthy nerve function, regulation of muscle tone, and a healthy-functioning cardiovascular system, energy production, growth, and healing. The human body needs minerals to maintain proper chemical, electrical, and circuitry balance. Each mineral in the body has an effect on every other, so if one is out of balance, all mineral levels are affected.

What does Colloidal mean-

-Colloidal- is the size of the particles of a particular substance. Colloidal minerals are of small size and they will neither float nor sink in water and provide a larger area upon which enzyme activity can take place increasing their breakdown and absorption.

What types of minerals are found in Colloidal minerals- Minerals are divided into bulk minerals and trace minerals. Bulk minerals include calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. Trace minerals include boron, chromium, copper, germanium, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, silicon, sulfur, vanadium, and zinc, etc.

Why should colloidal minerals be taken-

Unfortunately, our soils have been stripped from minerals since the 1930\'s reported by Dr. Joel Wallach and Senate Document No. 264, 74th congress, 2nd session, 1936. Our soils no longer contain sufficient minerals that could possibly lead to degenerative diseases in the future. For example, diabetes or hypoglycemia involves chromium, zinc, and vanadium deficiencies; osteoporosis involves a calcium deficiency, but little has been said about the magnesium and boron deficiency involved as well. This mineral deficiency in our soils is due to massive farming.

In order to increase yield of crops, farmers are dependent on synthetic fertilizers that only contain nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. We know that this supply of minerals is not sufficient; our diet requires at least 60 or more known essential minerals.

Minerals are essential for a good health. Proteins, enzymes, and hormones are all formed from minerals. Colloidal minerals are the most efficient way to get your minerals. They are liquid and have small particle size. The small size of colloidal minerals is very ideal because they are very absorbable.

Colloidal Life Minerals are 100% natural and are the most efficient way to absorb minerals for your proper chemical balance, maintenance, energy, and health. Colloidal Life Minerals are plant source minerals that are completely non-toxic, and is proven to have positive results.

What is the recommended dose of Super Life Minerals-

Take one ounce of Super Life Minerals per hundred pounds of body weight, per day. Super Life Minerals is non-toxic; your body will assimilate the minerals needed and it will eliminate what is not required. Athletes who are exposed to high energy-consuming exercises can benefit from a higher dose of Super Life Minerals.

When is the best time to take Super Life Minerals-

Colloidal Life Minerals have best results when taken after a meal because the stomach has activated digestive juices that will increase their absorption.

Natural Health Increased Energy!

Super Life Minerals:

Vitamin A: Is important in the formation of bones and teeth, aids in fat storage, protects the body against colds, influenza, and different types of infections affecting the kidneys, bladder, lungs, and mucous membranes. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the cells, to increase their growth, and to fight against cancer and other diseases. Vitamin A slows down the aging process, prevents night blindness, skin disorders, enhances immunity, may heal gastrointestinal ulcers, is needed for the maintenance and repair of epithelial tissue (of which mucous membranes are composed). Vitamin A is essential to fortify the immune system.

A deficiency in vitamin A may be perceived when dry skin, hair, conjunctiva, and cornea are apparent. Vitamin A deficiency may also include:

- Abscesses in the ears

- Insomnia

- Fatigue

- Reproductive difficulties

- Sinusitis

- Weight loss

- Pneumonia

- Frequent colds

- Respiratory infections

Vitamin C: Is an antioxidant that increases the absorption of iron. It protects the body against the harmful effects of pollution, helps prevent cancer, and protects against infection. Vitamin C aids in the production of anti-stress hormones and interferon, and is needed for the metabolism of folic acid, tyrosine, and phenylalanine. Vitamin C is required for tissue growth and repair, adrenal gland function, healthy gums, may reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure; it may help prevent atherosclerosis.

Vitamin C is essential in the formation of collagen, fights against blood clotting, bruising, and promotes the healing of wounds and burns. Because the body cannot manufacture vitamin C, it must be obtained through diet and supplementation. Vitamin C is required to fortify the immune system. Vitamin C deficiency may include:

- Soft and spongy bleeding gums

- Edema

- Extreme weakness

- Hemorrhages under the skin

- Increased susceptibility to infection

- Joint pains

- Poor digestion

- Prolonged healing time

- Tooth loss

Vitamin D: Is required for calcium and phosphorus absorption in the intestinal tract. Vitamin D is important for a normal development of the body, bones, and teeth, for the regulation of heartbeat, to fortify the muscles, to prevent osteoporosis, hypocalcemia. Vitamin D is necessary for thyroid function, and normal blood clotting.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause:

- Rickets (abnormal bone formation)

- Osteomalacia (various factors can cause this disease: inadequate amount of phosphorus and calcium availible in the blood for mineralization of the bones, inability to synthesize vitamin D, or by lack of exposure to the sunlight)

- Loss of appetite

- Diarrhea

- Insomnia

- Visual problems

- Burning sensation in the mouth and throat

- Weight loss

Vitamin E: Is an antioxidant that prevents cell damage by inhibiting the oxidation of lipids and the formation of free radicals, and it protects other fat-soluble vitamins from destruction by oxygen. Vitamin E slows down the aging process, prevents cancer, cardiovascular disease, improves circulation, repairs tissues, aids in premenstrual syndrome and fibrocystic disease of the breast. Vitamin E promotes:

-Normal blood clotting

- Accelerates the healing process

- Reduces scarring from some wounds

- Lowers blood pressure

- Aids in the prevention of cataracts

- Improves athletic performance

- Maintains healthy nerves and muscles

- Strengthens capillary walls

- Promotes healthy skin and hair

- Helps to prevent anemia and retrolental fibroplasis

- Reduces the risk of eye disorders in premature infants

- Relaxes leg cramps

B1 (Thiamin): Is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential for energy metabolism, and the production of hydrochloric acid. Thiamin has a positive effect in learning capacity and is an antioxidant that protects the body from degenerative effects of aging, alcohol consumption, and from smoking. Thiamin deficiency include:

- Beriberi (a nervous system disease)

- Constipation

- Edema

- Enlarged liver

- Fatigue

- Forgetfulness

- Gastrointestinal disturbances

- Irritability

- Labored breathing

- Loss of appetite

- Muscle atrophy

- Numbness of hands and feet

- Pain and sensitivity

- Poor coordination

- Tingling sensations

- Weak and sore muscles

- Severe weight loss

B2 (Riboflavin): Is necessary for red blood cell formation, antibody production, cell respiration, normal body development, alleviates eye fatigue, helps to prevent cataracts. Riboflavin aids in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins. It improves the mucous membrane in the digestive tract, facilitates the use of oxygen by the tissues of the skin nails, hair, eliminates dandruff, and helps in the absorption of iron and vitamin B6.

B2 Deficiency symptoms include:

- Cracks and sores at the corners of the mouth

- Eye disorders

- Inflammation of mouth and tongue

- Skin lesions

- Dermatitis

- Dizziness

- Hair loss

- Insomnia

- Light sensitivity

- Poor digestion

- Slowed mental response

B3 (Niacin, Nicotinic Acid, Niacinamide): It aids the body with the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, the production of hydrochloric acid, normal secretion of bile, synthesis of sex hormones. Niacin has also been proven to be helpful in the treatment of schizophrenia, mental illnesses, memory loss. Niacin can lower cholesterol and improve circulation.

Niacin deficiency can include:

- Pellagra (symptoms include itchy dermatitis on the hands and neck, weight loss, weakness, loss of appetite, inflamed and sore red tongue, headaches, dizziness, diarrhea, dementia, depression, and anxiety)

- Indigestion

- Insomnia

- Limb pains

- Low blood sugar

- Muscular weakness

- Skin eruptions, and inflammation.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine):Is involved in essential body functions that affect both physical and mental health. It maintains sodium and potassium balance in the body while promoting red blood cell formation. Pyridoxine is needed for a healthy nervous system, normal brain function, synthesis of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), activates many enzymes, aids absorption of vitamin B12, improves immune system function, enhances antibody production, inhibits the production of a toxic chemical called homocysteine (which attacks the heart muscle and allows the deposition of cholesterol around the heart muscle, reduces symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, may prevent oxalate kidney stones, and is beneficial for those who suffer water retention.

A deficiency in Pyridoxine can lead to:

- Carpal tunnel syndrome (associated with repetitive wrist motion injury, which is linked to continuous rapid use of the fingers)

- Anemia

- Convulsions

- Headaches

- Nausea

- Flaky skin

- Sore tongue

- Vomiting

- Acne

- Anorexia

- Arthritis

- Conjunctivitis

- Cracks or sores on the mouth and lips

- Depression

- Dizziness

- Fatigue

- Hyperirritability

- Impaired wound healing

- Inflammation of the mouth and gums

- Oily facial skin

- Numbness

- Hearing problems

- Hair loss

- Poor body development

- Weak memory

Vitamin B12: It aids folic acid in regulating the formation of red blood cells, and helps in the utilization of iron. Vitamin B12 protects the nervous system, maintains fertility, promotes normal growth and development. Vitamin B12 deficiency can be caused by malabsorption and this can lead to chronic fatigue, constipation, depression, digestive disorders, dizziness, drowsiness, ringing in the ears, spinal chord degeneration, neurological damage, palpitations, pernicious anemia, labored breathing, memory loss, hallucinations, and enlargement of the liver.

Folic Acid: Is considered a brain food and is required for energy production. Folic Acid is needed for red and white blood cell formation, cell division and replication, protein metabolism. This nutrient may also help with depression and anxiety. Studies have shown that a daily intake of 400 micrograms of folic acid in early pregnancy may prevent the vast majority of neural tube defects such as spina bifida and anencephaly.

Folic Acid deficiency can include: - Anemia

- Apathy

- Digestive disturbances

- Fatigue

- Graying hair

- Malabsorption problems

- Weakness

- Paranoia

- Memory problems

- Labored breathing

- Insomnia

- Growth impairment

Biotin: Is a vitamin that may prevent hair loss in some men. Biotin deficiency may cause anemia, depression, fatigue, insomnia, muscle pain and weakness. Biotin aids in the utilization of the other B-complex vitamins.

Natural Health Increased Energy!

Pantothenic Acid: Is a water-soluble B vitamin that the body needs in order to make glycogen and fatty acids that are our main fuels. Pantothenic Acid is in charge of making neurotransmitter chemicals that transfer information in your brain from one nerve to the next and is also essential for the body in the manufacture of steroid hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. Pantothenic Acid is a stamina enhancer, prevents certain forms of anemia, aids in the normal function of the gastrointestinal tract, helpful in treating depression and anxiety.

A deficiency of Pantothenic Acid: . Tingling in the hands

- Fatigue

- Headache

- Nausea

Iron: Is important in the production of hemoglobin, myoglobin, and the oxygenation of red blood cells. Iron is required for growth, and immune system fortifier.

Iron deficiency symptoms include:

- Anemia

- Slowed mental reactions

- Obesity

- Nervousness

- Nails with ridges

- Fragile bones

- Fatigue

- Dizziness

Calcium: Is vital for the formation of strong bones and teeth, and the maintenance of healthy gums, regular heartbeat, and transmission of nerve impulses. Calcium lowers cholesterol levels, prevents cardiovascular disease, benefits muscular growth, maintains proper cell membrane permeability, aids neuromuscular activity, helps to keep the skin healthy, protects against the development of preclampsia during pregnancy, and inhibits the absorption of lead by teeth and bones.

Calcium deficiency can lead to aching joints, cognitive impairment, convulsions, depression, delusions, hyperactivity, rheumatoid arthritis, tooth decay, numbness in the arms and legs, muscle cramps, insomnia, heart palpitations, hypertension, eczema, elevated cholesterol, and brittle nails. Calcium provides energy and is involved in the protein structuring of RNA and DNA. Calcium also participates in the activation of several enzymes, one of them being lipase which breaks down fats to be utilized by the body.

Magnesium: Is a catalyst that activates the enzymes for the production of energy. Magnesium prevents the calcification of soft tissue, protects the arterial linings from stress caused by sudden blood pressure changes, participates in the formation of bones, carbohydrate and mineral metabolism, reduces and dissolves kidney stones, may prevent cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, reduces cholesterol levels, prevents premature labor and convulsions in pregnant women.

Magnesium deficiency can include pulmonary disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, insomnia, chronic pain syndromes, chronic fatigue, asthma, cardiac arrest, hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia, diabetes, seizures, rapid heartbeat, poor digestion, irritability, and confusion.

Phosphorus: Assists the body in the absorption of vitamins and the conversion of food to energy. Phosphorus assists the body in the appropriate blood clotting process, bone and tooth formation, cell growth, normal heart rhythm, kidney function, and in the contraction of the heart muscle.

Potassium: Is important for chemical reactions within the cells, aids in maintaining stable blood pressure, regulates the transfer of nutrients through cell membranes, works with sodium to control the body-s water balance, aids in proper muscle contraction, plays an important role in transmitting electrochemical impulse, and keeping a healthy nervous system.

Signs of potassium deficiency include respiratory distress, salt retention, periodic headaches, protein in the urine, vomiting, nausea, weakness, muscular fatigue, high cholesterol, growth impairment, glucose intolerance, irregular heart rhythm, insatiable thirst, nervousness, diarrhea, depression, cognitive impairment, constipation, chills, acne, dry skin, and insomnia.

Sodium: Is needed for the proper function of nerves and muscles. Sodium deficiency can include abdominal cramps, anorexia, confusion, weight loss, seizures, infections, nausea, poor memory, low blood pressure, weakness, hallucinations, headache, depression, dehydration, anorexia, and impaired sense of taste.

Sulfur: Helps to protect the body against toxic substances and radiation. Sulfur is needed for the synthesis of collagen and slows the body aging process. Sulfur helps the body to resist bacteria and protects the cells. Sulfur is part of the chemical structure of the amino acids methionine, cysteine, taurine, and glutathione.

Boron: Assists the body in the proper assimilation of calcium and magnesium. Boron is essential in bone formation and proper endocrine function.

Natural Health~Increased Energy!

Cobalt: A deficiency in this mineral can cause anemia, anorexia, emaciation (Excessive leanness caused by disease or lack of nutrition), and essential for the growth and development of a healthy nervous system.

Iodine: This mineral is essential in the proper function of the thyroid gland. Iodine deficiencies can cause too much weight gain (under-active thyroid), or too much weight loss (over-active thyroid), brittle nails, rapid pulse, bulging eyes, poor memory, constipation, nervousness, depression, muscle weakness, dry skin and hair, muscle cramps, elevated blood cholesterol, muscle pains, excessive sweating, fatigue, hair loss, frequent bowel movements, goiter (throat swelling), insomnia, menstrual cycle problems, irritability, increased appetite, tremors, and heat intolerance.

Iron: Iron is the mineral found in the largest amounts in the blood. Iron is essential for a proper body development. Iron deficiency may result from intestinal bleeding, a diet high in phosphorus, ulcers, and excessive coffee or tea consumption. Iron deficiencies can lead to anemia, anorexia, brittle nails, sore tongue, poor memory, confusion, fatigue, heart palpitations, ice eating, constipation, gastrointestinal problems, weak bones, dirt eating, and depression.

Lithium: This mineral-s deficiency can lead to depression, aging, reproductive problems, Manic depression, irritability, and rages.

Gold: Has antimicrobial properties.

Bismuth: Guards the stomach from developing ulcers.

Selenium: Is an essential antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage. Selenium fortifies the immune system. Selenium deficiency can lead to age spots (liver spots), Alzheimer-s disease (associated with high vegetable oil consumption), anemia, cystic fibrosis, cancer, cataracts, cardiomyopathy, high infant mortality, infertility, multiple sclerosis, multiple dystrophy, and Parkinson-s disease.

Zinc: Is an essential mineral in the growth of reproductive organs, healthy immune system, and healing of wounds. Zinc is vital for bone formation, protects the liver from chemical damage. Sufficient intake of zinc is necessary because it maintains the proper concentration of vitamin E in the body, and it also increases the absorption of vitamin A. Zinc deficiency includes colds and flu, impotence, hair loss, impaired night vision, growth impairment, and fatigue.

Manganese: Is a required mineral in the metabolism of protein and fat, healthy immune and nervous system, as well as blood sugar regulation. Manganese is also required in normal bone growth , energy production, and reproduction. Manganese is required for the utilization of vitamin B1 and vitamin E. It is used in the formation of cartilage and synovial fluid of the joints. Manganese deficiency may lead to pancreatic damage, memory loss, rapid pulse, tooth grinding, and hypertension.

Silica: Is dissolved in the living tissues of plants and animals, strengthens the bones, connective tissue, nails, skin, hair, and is necessary for calcium absorption. Silica prevents cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer, osteoporosis, and stimulates the immune system.

Silver: Is a mineral that has natural antibiotic properties and helps the body in fighting back bad bacteria.

Copper: Aids in the formation of bone, hemoglobin, and red blood cells. It is involved in energy production, healthy nerves and joints. Copper deficiency can evolve in osteoporosis, anemia, baldness, increased blood fat levels, diarrhea, and fatigue.

Chromium: Is involved in the metabolism of glucose; therefore, is needed for energy. Chromium is essential in the maintenance of a stable blood sugar levels through proper insulin utilization, and is vital in the synthesis of cholesterol, fats, and protein. Chromium is jeopardized by a diet high in refined white sugar, flour, and junk foods. A deficiency of chromium can lead to anxiety, fatigue, increased risk of arteriosclerosis, inadequate metabolism of amino acids, and glucose intolerance.

Germanium: Assists in fighting pain, keeping the immune system functioning properly, improving cellular oxygenation, and getting the body rid of toxins and poisons. A Japanese scientist, Kazuhiko Asai, found that an intake of 100 to 300 milligrams of germanium per day improved many illnesses, including rheumatoid arthritis, food allergies, AIDS, cancer, viral infections, candidiasis, and elevated cholesterol.

Vanadium: Is needed for cellular metabolism, formation of bones, inhibits cholesterol synthesis, plays a role in growth and reproduction. Vanadium deficiency may be linked to cardiovascular and kidney disease, impaired reproductive ability, and increased infant mortality.

Molybdenum: Is required in very small amounts for nitrogen metabolism. It promotes normal cell function, it aids in the final stages of the conversion of purines to uric acid. Molybdenum deficiency is associated with impotence, cancer, and gum disorders.

Choline: Is essential for the central nervous system, gallbladder, liver, lecithin formation, and hormone production. Choline can be very beneficial for people who suffer from Parkinson-s disease, tardive dyskinesia (Impairment of the ability to execute voluntary movements; one of the causes for this impairment is prolonged use of phenothiazine medications in elderly patients or those with brain injuries), cardiac symptoms, gastric ulcers, high blood pressure, inability to digest fats, arteriosclerosis, and impaired development. Choline is essential for cardiovascular health, reproduction, and fetal development.

Inositol: Is essential for hair growth, formation of lecithin, metabolism of fat, and it helps to prevent the hardening of arteries. Inositol-s deficiency can lead to arteriosclerosis, constipation, hair loss, high blood cholesterol, irritability, mood swings, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety.

Boron: Is essential for muscle development; bone growth; metabolism of calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium; brain function; alertness; natural steroid production; and in energy production. Boron deficiency can promote D vitamin deficiency.

PABA: (Para-aminobenzoic acid): Is an antioxidant and is essential in the assimilation of pantothenic acid. It helps protect the body against sunburn, skin cancer, helps in the breakdown and utilization of protein, and assists in the formation of red blood cells. PABA helps to maintain a healthy intestinal flora; may restore gray hair to its original color; and it could be beneficial for people who suffer of depression, fatigue, irritability, white spots on the skin, and gastrointestinal problems.

Super Life-s Minerals Antioxidants:

Co Q 10: It is called a -coenzyme- because it enhances the activity of other enzymes. Co Q 10 Is a vitamin-like substance that is essential for all your energy production and is found in all-body cells. It boosts immunity and maintains proper heart function. Co Q10 is a super antioxidant that fights free radicals and is helpful in the reduction of cholesterol. It has the capability to recycle vitamins C and E after they have been affected by the free radicals. Co Q 10 increases muscle mass, provides the body with energy. With CoQ10 you may benefit from rejuvenation while being safe and free of side effects.

Grape Seed Extract: Has flavonoids and proanthocyanidins that have powerful antioxidant properties. Clinical tests suggest that the proanthocyanidins are fifty times more powerful than vitamin E and twenty times more potent than vitamin C. Proanthocyanidins can protect the brain and nervous system from free radical damage. Grape Seed Extract has wonderful anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and immune system boosting properties.

Blue Green Algae: Grows in the pristine waters of Klamath Lake which are continually fed with mineral-rich waters from the glacier caps from the near by mountain. It contains the highest amount of chlorophyll when compared to any other plant or algae. Blue Green Algae contains 60% protein, and it has a high nutritional profile in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, and amino acids.

Blue Green Algae offers rapid absorption and assimilation of vital nutrients due to its soft cell wall. This rapid absorption and assimilation process is of great benefit to all the body systems because this process can help areas in the body that need immediate nutrition and making the breaking person less susceptible to degenerative diseases.

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The traditional benefits of Blue Green Algae are improved energy and stamina, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), nourishes the nervous system, helps in the detoxification and removal of acid from the body, will nourish the pancreas. It also nourishes the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands, and immune system. Blue Green Algae also helps reduce cravings, and aids in weight loss.

Green Tea Extract: Has antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, and health-enhancing properties. Studies have shown that a type of polyphenol in green tea can penetrate the body-s cells and shield DNA from free radicals. Green Tea Extract protects the body against cancer, lowers cholesterol levels, reduces the clotting tendency of the blood, promotes the burning of fat, regulates blood sugar, and regulates insuline levels.

Super Life Mineral-s Essential Amino Acids:

L-Alanine: Aids in the metabolism of glucose, protects the body against the buildup of toxic substances in the muscles, and is involved in the nitrogen transfer to the liver.

L-Arginine: It helps to fortify the immune system in fighting back tumors, cancer, liver disorders, reduces the effects of chronic alcohol toxicity, fortifies the reproductory system and helps improve male sexual performance, aids in the healing and repair of damaged tissue, important for muscle metabolism, and improves the action of cell lymphatic tissue. L-Arginine is involved in the variety of enzymes and hormones. It aids in stimulating the pancreas to produce insulin, aids in the production of new bone and tendon cells.

L-Aspartic Acid: Plays a vital role in metabolism. Chronic fatigue may result in low levels of L-Aspartic Acid. L-Aspartic Acid is beneficial for neural and brain disorders and combines with other amino acids to form molecules that absorb toxins and remove them from the bloodstream. L-Aspartic aids the RNA and DNA functions.

L-Cystine: Is a sulfur-containing amino acid that aids in the formation of skin and is very important for the process of detoxification. L-Cystine is present in the production of collagen and promotes the proper elasticity and texture of the skin. L-Cystine helps to protect the body from radiation damage because it helps to destroy free radicals and it helps to protect the liver and brain from damage due to alcohol, drugs, and toxic compounds in cigarette smoke.

L-Glutamic Acid: It stimulates the neurotransmission of the neurons in the central nervous system. L-Glutamic Acid is important in the metabolism of sugars and fats. It also aids in the transportation of potassium into the spinal fluid and across the blood-brain barrier. The brain uses L-Glutamic acid as a fuel. L-Glutamic acid has helped correct personality disorders, children with behavior disorders, epilepsy, mental retardation, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, ulcers, and hypoglycemic coma.

L-Histidine: Protects nerve cells, is needed in the production of white and red cells, protects the body from radiation damage, helps to lower blood pressure, aids in removing heavy metals from the body systems, improves healthy sexual function, and may help in the prevention of AIDS.

L-Isoleucine: Is needed for hemoglobin formation, regulates blood sugar levels, boosts energy levels, increase endurance, and aids in the healing and repair of muscle tissue. A deficiency of L-Isoleucine can cause mental and physical disorders.

L-Lysine: Is an essential amino acid in every protein of the body. It is needed for a healthy development of children-s bones. L-Lysine is necessary for the proper calcium absorption and nitrogen balance in the body. This amino acid aids in the production of antibodies, hormones, enzymes, and helps in collagen formation of the connective tissues.

L-Lysine aids those recovering from a surgery and from injuries. L-Lysine deficiencies can lead to unhealthy weight loss, abnormal development, reproductive problems, poor appetite, lack of energy, irritability, poor concentration, hair loss, enzyme disorders, anemia, and redish eyes.

L-Methionine: Helps prevent fat buildup in the liver and arteries that may hinder the blood circulation to the brain, heart, and kidneys. Methionine aids the body in the digestive process, helps to detoxify the body from heavy metals, and protect the body against radiation.

L-Methionine is a strong antioxidant because it helps to fight back free radicals. This amino acid helps protect the liver, and is important in the production of nucleic acids, collagen, estrogen, and protein. It can be useful for people who suffer from Schizophrenia.

L-Phenylalanine: Has a direct relationship to the action of the central nervous system; therefore, it can elevate the mood, promote alertness, decrease pain, and improve the memory. L-Phenylalanine has been used as a beneficial aid for people who suffer from arthritis, depression, Schizophrenia, Parkinson-s disease, obesity, migraines, menstrual cramps, and depression.

L-Proline: Aids in the production of collagen; strengthens the joints and tendons; fortifies the heart muscle. L-Proline promotes longevity.

L-Serine: Essential for the metabolism of fats; fatty acids; muscle growth; RNA and DNA function; and fortification of the immune system. It also aids the body with cell membrane formation; creatine synthesis; and the production of immunoglobulins and antibodies.

L-Threonine: Is essential for the proper protein balance in the body, the formation of collagen, tooth enamel, and aids in the proper function of the liver. L-Threonine fortifies the immune system and the nervous system.

L-Tryptophane: Is essential for the production of vitamin B3, transfer of nerve impulses, normal production of melatonin, and helps to control hyperactivity. L-Tryptophane alleviates stress, fortifies the heart, aids in weight control, enhances the release of growth hormones, alleviates migraine, and strengthens the nervous system.

L-Tyrosine: Is essential for a proper metabolism and the proper function of the nervous system. L-Tyrosine has been known as a mood elevator and as a mild antioxidant. L-Tyrosine aids in the production of melanin (pigment responsible for the color of skin and hair), and proper function of the adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary glands. L-Tyrosine is essential for the formation of thyroid hormones.

L-Tyrosine deficiencies can lead to hypothyroidism, low blood pressure, low body temperature, stress, chronic fatigue, and narcolepsy (sudden sleep attacks), anxiety, depression, and low sex drive. L-Tyrosine can be very helpful for people who are going through drug withdrawal and Parkinson-s disease.

L-Valine: Is essential for muscle metabolism, tissue repair, proper levels of nitrogen. L-Valine can be very helpful for people who suffer of liver and gallbladder disease. It also can be very helpful for people who have depleted their amino acids through drug addiction.

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Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) Is a vitamin-like substance that is essential for all your energy production and is found in all body cells. It is a valuable antioxidant that boosts immunity and maintains proper heart function. The heart is an organ that works the hardest when compared to the work load of any other organ in the body. The heart also has the highest concentrations of CoQ10 to be able to meet the high energy requirements.

People with heart problems are usually deficient in CoQ10. Coenzyme Q10 is found in many different types of foods and is converted by the body into coenzyme Q10. Coenzyme Q10 is necessary for the mitochondria to produce energy (ATP), adenosine triphosphate which allows the body to fulfill essential processes. Your ability to make this conversion declines with age.

What can happen with low levels of CoQ10 in our system? Low levels of coenzyme Q10 have been linked to the breast, pancreas, stomach, colon, lung, prostate, rectum cancer, depressed immune system, insulin resistance, gum disease, obesity, neurological difficulties, heart disease, and aging; therefore, daily supplementation of CoQ10 can be very beneficial. CoQ10 has the ability to rejuvenate the body at a very deep level.

CoQ10 and its Benefits: Clinical research has demonstrated that CoQ10 may be beneficial for those who suffer from:

Heart disease

High blood pressure


Peridontal disease

High cholesterol levels

Parkinson's disease

Alzheimer's disease

CoQ10 and High Blood Pressure: People with a high blood pressure condition are often low in CoQ10; therefore, CoQ10 supplementation may eliminate this problem. Studies involving seriously obese people and extremely low-calorie diets have lost twice as much weight when given CoQ10 supplementation compared to those that did not take CoQ10 supplements.

CoQ10 and Healthy Gums: Peridontal disease affects 90% of the population over the age of 65 which cannot only cause them to lose their teeth but develop malnutrition due to difficulties in chewing their food. CoQ10 can reverse this condition.

Speaking out for CoQ10: "Despite a large body of clinical evidence, CoQ10 is either unknown or ignored by most American physicians," says Stephen Sinatra, M.D., a cardiologist and author of several books, including The Coenzyme Q10 Phenomenon (Keats Publishing, 1998). "and that professional lack of interest causes untold needless suffering," he believes.

For the past 14 years, Sinatra has used the supplement to treat thousands of patients. He has also published papers on CoQ10 in professional journals, written about it in the popular press, and has been involved in studies investigating CoQ10 absorption in the body. "As a cardiologist myself, I believe that Coenzyme Q10 is one of the greatest medical advances of the 20th century for the treatment of heart disease," he says. -Great Life, pg 29

CoQ10's Antioxidant Abilities: CoQ10 is a super antioxidant that fights free radicals and is helpful in the reduction of cholesterol. It also has the capability to recycle vitamins C and E after they have been affected by the free radicals. CoQ10 increases muscle mass and provides the body with energy. With the use of CoQ10 you may benefit from rejuvenation while being safe and free of side effects!

Who should use CoQ-10: Anyone with chronic degenerative disease to the athlete who is seeking greater stamina. By supplementing with CoQ10, it may help prevent diseases or at least improve your health. Athletes who are seeking to increase their endurance or people who just want to feel and stay young can use CoQ10.

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