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Herbologist & Iridologist
Mr. Justin Och
Mr. Och is Splendid Health’s and N.D. Dr. Nelson Rios highest certified iridologist & herbologist. before retiring Dr. Nelson who trained under Bernard Jenson (creator of iridology analysis) passed his 30 years of naturopathic & nutritional knowledge & herbal supplementation information on the health and healing effects of specifically combined herbs, minerals & vitamins and there reaction on the natural healing process of the body.
Iridology Analysis
what it can tell you is amazing but very few know how, find out why.
Nutritional Counciling
get free information on what you should be eating and why.
Lakeland Herbal Specialist
you could guess at your own research on what you need or you could talk to an expert

Providing Superior Quality Naturopath Approved Supplements.
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Splendid health products are created to work alongside modern medicine. Made in a GMP, QAI and NSF certified highest quality manufacturing facilities. Splendid Health products are made to pharmacutical standards, to get your family results. keeping prices low and results high means success because without results you have nothing. We constantly strive to work with and alongside your primary doctors reccomendations. we will never contradict your doctor, we are here to provide natrual health alternatives that can work with and along side your doctors reccommendations. product reccommendations on this site were created so that they can be taken with your perscription medication to assist you and your doctor with your optimal well-being. we strive to assist you the individual with all of your herbal natural health, alternative medicine and nutritional counciling needs to keep your health at its optimum and assist the body in its natural healing processes.

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Iridology Analysis - a practice backed by 1.2 million fibers
WARNING: no ligament iridologist will ever diagnose you with a disease, cancer or anything life threatening. If you find yourself at any natural health practitioner's office and they try to scare you or diagnose you with anything life threatening – LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. At Splendid Health we work with your primary health care physician to assist you towards better health and will never contradict your doctor but work with them to get you in the best health and wellness of your life.

Iridology is the ability to study of the iris and find clues that reveal information about your health. Iridology practitioners use a map of the eye that reveals where issues may be in the body, internal organs and body functions. Iridology practitioners use this map to determine your state of health and any underlying diseases. Iridologists know that each optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain has about 1.2 million nerve fibers. This cable connects the eye to the brain and the brain can reveal through the eyes health warnings and conditions the body may be going through.

History - The eye has been studied since ancient times. Ignatz von Pezcely, a Hungarian physician and Nils Liljequist, a Swedish clergyman developed the modern-day version of iridology in the 19th century. Both men published similar iris maps. In the mid-20th century, Bernard Jensen whom at the time was an American chiropractor, popularized iridology by producing a more sophisticated, detailed and reliable iridology (iris) chart that is still in use today.

Since most well known Iridologist rarely pass on the information they know and understand to the public it is often hard to find someone that truly understands the nature of this amazing practice. Dr. Nelson is a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Microscopist, and advanced Nutritional Consultant. Dr. Nelson has trained directly with Dr. Hilda Clark, Dr. Joe Wallace, Dr. Don Spa, Dr. Bernard Jensen the individual responsible for Iridology in the United States. Dr. Nelson has train all over the world, traveling from Mexico, Europe and China just to meet with and gather the valuable information and knowledge necessary to help and assist those that may need it. Mr. Och is now Splendid Health’s and N.D. Dr. Nelson Rios highest certified iridologist & herbologist. before retiring Dr. Nelson who trained under Bernard Jenson (creator of iridology analysis) Dr. Nelson has passed 30 years of naturopathic & nutritional knowledge & herbal supplementation information on the health and healing effects of specifically combined herbs, minerals & vitamins and there reaction on the natural healing process of the body.

The practice of Iridology studies the iris of the naked eye by magnifing photos or looking directly at the indications in the eye. Though most iridologists are trained in applied kinesiology, reflexology and muscle testing an advanced practitioner of Iridology can normally see and reveal most health concerns by studying the eye and what is visible of the body, tongue, ears, arms and hands. An experienced Iridologist is like a detective, looking at the color, pattern, pigmentation, fibers, rings and the marks of the iris and those visible on the body.

Iridology is used in conjunction with naturopathy. It should be used along side other medical practices and never alone. Iridology can sometimes be used to confirm or determine genetic risk due to the appearance or weaknesses in the iris. Even western medicine believes that the same information that iridology gathers can be gathered from a family medical history and a physical exam. Think about it, when an iridologist exams the skin, face, ears, eyes, hands and so on, doesn't a western doctor do the same during a physical exam? Looking for any signal or sign that may appear to be abnormal is the practice of any health care professional. Finding a good, experienced and well versed Iridologist can be as hard, if not harder then finding the right doctor. This is due to the fact that most well known iridologist can be very expensive and the individual these well known practitioners finally teach can be hard to get ahold of. Western medicine does not ignore the eye as an indicator of some diseases and your eye doctor can even see and tell you and your health through your eye. Though most optometrist “eye doctor's” can visibly tell if your health is good or bad, most have not trained in the “why” or what specifically is wrong. Iridology (also known as iridodiagnosis) is an alternative medicine technique, Iridologists see the eyes as "windows" into the body's state of health.

A good Iridologist doesn't just depend upon the eye to tell your overall health and what may be going on but uses the entire body as a indicator of specific health concerns. Remember, a valid and trusted Iridologist is extremely hard to find, do your research and trust in one that has shown and proven results.

Our Motto; Give us 30 days and you will want to continue to receive the benefits of Splendid Health.”

I look forward to supporting you in your journey to Splendid Health,

Justin Och

Certified Herbal Specialist & Iridologist

Nutritional Counselor

(This article was the opinion of Justin Och, if what it has said makes sense to you then you are already on the right track, come down and visit our location today – 116 east pine street, lakeland, florida 33801)

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